What’s The NOMAD Challenge?

You run searches every day, but just how good are you at finding the right photo for something? With NOMAD, you simply describe what you want, and NOMAD will take it from there.

NOMAD Challenge is a game that shows just how much easier it is to search for images using NOMAD instead of traditional, metadata-based searching. At the end of the game, our leader board will show how you stack up against other players.

You will search for 3 test images, one at a time. For each image, you will first use a traditional, metadata-based search, and we will time how long it takes you to find it (you get a maximum of 3 tries per image). After that, you will use NOMAD to search for the same image. This will also be timed, but with NOMAD, you have the machine on your side — just describe what you see in the image. Once you have had a chance to find all of the test images, we will display how well you fared with each type of search technology.

NOMAD Search Video