How To Play


The timer will start when you click either the "BEGIN METADATA SEARCH" or "BEGIN NOMAD SEARCH" button. It stops when your search locates the test image, or you have exhausted all of your attempts for that image. The total time for a round includes the time spent composing your search string, the time it took for the search to be performed, and the time spent displaying any search results. If your search attempt is not successful, the timer does not stop, so keep trying until you have used all 3 of your search attempts.


NOMAD Challenge scoring is based on how quickly you are able to perform successful NOMAD searches. For example, a contestant who is able to find all of the test images in 1 minute 45 seconds would score ahead of someone who found the same images but spent 2 minutes doing it. Times are recorded and scored in milliseconds but displayed in tenths. To view a high-precision time, simply hover your mouse pointer over the time displayed on the leader board. In the event of a tie, a randomized drawing will be held to determine the winner.

NOMAD Challenge Leaderboard